Ekklesia Groups 


The Ekklesia is the Church… but not the version of it that is far too prevalent in America today; declining, discouraged and lacking in power.  

Jesus’ Ekklesia was birthed in the marketplace with power to transform cities and nations.  You are encouraged to form a unique kind of “small group” called an Ekklesia Group that meets preferably in a marketplace setting to talk, pray, study, share and grow together in implementing transformational strategies in your local area.  

Your Ekklesia Group can get jump-started with a powerful book-study entitled, “EKKLESIA: Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation,” by Dr. Ed Silvoso.  Dr. Silvoso is the founder and president of Harvest Evangelism and the Transform Our World Network as well as a strategic partner of BlessMN.  There is an accompanying 12-part Study Guide co-written with Dr. Gregory Pagh, the Chair of BlessMN.  It provides a practical pathway for seeing your community transformed by Jesus!

So that BlessMN may provide assistance, support and encouragement to you please register your Ekklesia Group by clicking here. 

These resources may be purchased at www.transformourworld.org under Store.