Big Game Parties

Do you love sports?  Are you always certain to watch the next “big game?”  

You can turn your passion for sports into an opportunity to build relationships with your neighbors, coworkers, classmates and friends by hosting a Big Game Party.

Whatever the sport… whatever the season… whatever the reason, invite some folks over for a Big Game Party. What began with Super Bowl Parties in homes all across Minnesota in February of 2018 is now expanding to all kinds of creative approaches to reaching out to those who don’t know Christ. 

The idea of a Big Game Party is to leverage cultural opportunities to build relationships, respond to a need that all people have for fun and fellowship, and share the love of Jesus through your hospitality, words and deeds.  

Resources are continually being developed by BlessMN and our partners to assist you in this outreach strategy.  It’s another way to Go Beyond Nice.  Remember, it’s the kindness of God (shown through you) that draws everyone to him!


Because you are a follower of Jesus Christ, your home is already a place that is filled with the peace and presence of God.  When you open your front door to those who may not yet know Jesus you are inviting them into a place where they will experience genuine love and hospitality.  Enjoying a sporting event of shared interest provides a context for fun, fellowship and relationships to grow deeper.  Along the way you will get to know more about their family, work, interests and challenges… and the Holy Spirit will provide natural opportunities for greater witness. 

Here are some practical tips to consider:

  • Determine the size and purpose of your Big Game Party… from a few people to many, from developing new relationships to going deeper

  • Pray and invite those that God puts on your heart

  • Prepare logistics – TV – Seating – Refreshments

  • Make a decision about alcohol that reflects your values

  • Welcome your guests and serve as a good host

  • Utilize the principles of Prayer Evangelism: Bless and Speak Peace, Build Relationships, Respond to Needs, Share the Love of Jesus (all of this out of your own heart and unique giftings)

  • Follow-Up in the days ahead and continue growing relationships so that trust is built, ministry happens and a greater witness can take place

  • Expect God to answer prayers and transform lives